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Sector Telecommunication Services / Equipments Tenders Tender Value Rs. 30.25 Thousand
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 69821017
Closing Date 03 - Jul - 2024  |  71 Days to go View Tender Details
Repairing of 2 X 40 Kva Ups System at Rmc Data Center, T.e. Building, Yerawada,
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 70342152
Closing Date 07 - Jun - 2024  |  45 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of All in One Computer, Mouse, Multimedia Keyboard, Ups, All in One Printer - Supply Installation Commissioning of Various Material to Grampanchyat Office
Qty : 5

Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 71327713
Closing Date 04 - Jun - 2024  |  42 Days to go View Tender Details
Unloading of Furnace Tankers. #*. Providing Services of Safety Sergeants. #*. Commemoration on Birthday. #*. Annual Maintenance Contract Dozer with Supply Spares #*. Work of Pest Control. #*. Services Of Pharmacist, Nurse, First Aid. #*. Attending Leakages Raw. #*. Procurement of Attachment Plate F. #*. Work Chemical Resistant Lining Water Tank. #*. Work of Paiting Cst Water & Acw Piping. #*. Retrofitting of Gen & Xmer Protn Relay. #*. Byc Cleaning of Store Shed_Ms. #*. 1 Yr Cont Rew of Lt Mtr & Lt Xmer. #*. Safety Audit of 4 X 210 Mw & 1 X 500 Mw. #*. Providing & Sealing of Coal Loa. #*. Rewinding of 90 Kw to 160 Kw Lt Motors an. #*. Providing of Hp Water Jet Cleang of Aph. #*. Providing of Air Conditioners. #*. Providing of Spares Botm Ash Hopper. #*. Overhaul of Lt Motors. #*. Cleaning of Drains Along Ash Pipeline. #*. Work of Lifting Shifting an. #*. Providing of Weldoverlay Conveyor Body Li. #*. Servicing of Wall Soot Blow. #*. Servicing of Coal Feeder Gat. #*. Providing of Spares for Classifier Bbd. #*. Providing of Hoists of Various Capacitie. #*. Providing of Screw Conveyor Assembly. #*. Supply of 150 Nb Resin Trap. #*. Hydrostatic Stretch Testing. #*. Procurement of UPS Batteries for PLC System. #*. Procurement of Sky-Climber Steel Wire Rope. #*. Work ETP Water Line. #*. Providing of Dry Ash Evacua System. #*. Renovation of Damaged UCR Compound Wall. #*. Services Closed Four Wheeler. #*. Work of Repairs of Furnace Water W. #*. Rectification of Unsafe Cond of Ndct. #*. Work of Rom Coalcrushng by Chain. #*. Procurement of Toc Analyser. #*. Pest Control Treatment. #*. Cable Laying. #*. Repair & Maintenance AC (Air Conditioner) & Water Cooler. #*. Supply of Salt to Chandrapur, Krd, Kpkd. #*. Work of Replacement of Boiler Circuit. #*. Providing Brake Liners for San Loco. #*. Procurement of Various Fasteners. #*. Providing Service Personnel Round. #*. Providing of Electronic Weighbridges. #*. Servicing of Scaph & Pa/fd Fan. #*. Procurement of Spares of On/off Valves. #*. Providing of Aph Main Drive Unit Gb Assly for U3. #*. Construction of Ucr Compound Wall. #*. Construction of Rcc Stack Yard. #*. Construction of Road & Drains. #*. Providing of Stacker Reclaimer Spares. #*. Supply of Various Seamless Pipes at Gtps. #*. Supply & Installation of Spares for Ndct. #*. Procurement of Bunker Trolley Drive Shaft. #*. Procurement of Fasteners Req. #*. Procurement of Various Types of Rollers. #*. Procurement of Dc Wired Control Panel. #*. Procurement of Expansion Joints Transfer. #*. Supply Esp Control Kit Bapcon Control. #*. Annual Maintenance Contract Ceiling Fan. #*. Providing of Lighting Material. #*. Annual Medical Check-Up. #*. Attending Oil Leakages of 10 Mva Tr-Ii. #*. Procurement of Rubber Bellows for Uat. #*. Hiring 1 No Bolero U8& 9. #*. Scanning Work at Hr Section. #*. 600 Mw Ph-Ii Ssp on Epc with Land. #*. 40 Mw Washim Epc Solar Project. #*. 50 Mw Yavatmal Epc Solar Project. #*. Attending Defects/break Down. #*. Arresting Leakages in Dm Clarifier. #*. Generator / Station / Unit Aux Transform. #*. Bi-Year Hiring School Buses. #*. Proposal for Repair, Recond. Battery. #*. Providing of Rubber Belts for 36" Volumet. #*. Servicing of Various Make Motorised Valve. #*. Koradi 2x660 Mw Project- Bo P Package. #*. Providing of Boiler Spares 210 Mw Kpkd Tps. #*. Providing of Phased Array Ultrasonic Weld Joint(PAUT). #*. Work of Renovation of Existing Toilet. #*. Installation and Supply of Air Seal. #*. Work of Generator Transformer Oil Leakage. #*. Providing of Air Port Assembly & Associated Spares. #*. Testing of Areva Relays During Aoh. #*. Work of Removal of RCC, PCC. #*. Construction of Room with Required Amenity. #*. Work of Cable Laying & Removing. #*. Transportation of H2 / Co2 Gas. #*. Construct & Install of Road Weighbridge. #*. Work of Ht Motor. #*. Providing of 25 Ton Electrical Hoist. #*. Iso Audit of Qms & Ems at Kgsc Pophali. #*. Procurement Lovejoy Gear Flex Coupling C. #*. Procurement of Lub Oil Pump for Gear Box. #*. AMC Palm Garden. #*. Providing of Holdback for Various Gb. #*. Work Overhauling of Ht Motors. #*. Procurement Crd Cables Stacker Reclaimer Chp. #*. Procurement of Csl for Chn, krd, k'keda. #*. Renewal of 400 Mbps(1:1) Internet. #*. Procurement of Lighting Material & Consumable. #*. Procurement Polycarb Distribution Board. #*. Procurement of Micro Pulveriser. #*. Procurement of Lube Oil Pumps for Reduce. #*. Procurement of Light Diesel Oil. #*. Annual Maintenance Contract of Ht-Lt Cable Laying. #*. Koradi 2x660 Mw Project - Btg Package. #*. Hire School Van at Bhatghar Hps. #*. Providing of Spares for Coal Mill Reject. #*. Annual Maintenance Contract Fire Detection & Alarm (EST-3 Make). #*. Internal Inspection. #*. Repair of Radiators of Vehicles/equipment. #*. Procurement of GSPC System Control V/V Spares. #*. Procurement Gear Boxes with Motor for Cerm. #*. Attending Leakages of Roof Terrace. #*. Procurement of V Belts for Rotary Aux. #*. Providing of Various Type of Fire Extinguish
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 70819552
Closing Date 23 - May - 2024  |  30 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of ht hrc fuse link etc. #*. ht hrc fuse link(single bolted type) 32 amp ,3.3/3.6 kv suitable for 15 kva transformer of lhb eog non ac chair car as per copper bussmann cat no 3.6wdohs32 conf to rdso spec. no rdso/pe/spec./tl/158-2010(rev01) make-bushmann ,l&t,siemens,ge [ warranty period: 30 months after the date of delivery ]lt hrc fuse bolted type 25 amp-500 v, breaking capacity 80ka for 9/15 kva 750/415/190 volt transformer of non ac lhb coaches as per rdso spec. no. rdso/pe/spec/tl/0158-2010,( rev.1) make-eton bussman/eti/seimens [ warranty period: 30 months after the date ofdelivery ]
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 70819555
Closing Date 23 - May - 2024  |  30 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of 3 phase rc network suitable for lhb etc. #*. 3 phase rc network suitable for lhb coach as per details mentioned below: - (a) non-polar capacitor 1.5uf/1000 vdc qty.03 nos. (b) power resistance 1 ohm 10 watt qty. 03 nos.(c) 2 pin pcb mounted push connector qty. 04 nos.(d) dual sided printed circuit board size:- 150 x 150 mm with thickness 2.5 mm qty. 01 nos. (epoxy type material). [ warranty period: 30 months after the date of delivery ]
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 70821583
Closing Date 23 - May - 2024  |  30 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of battery charger unit etc. #*. battery charger unit cum pre cooling transformer with stainless steel enclosure 415 volt ac/135 volt dc, 200 amps as per rcf specification no. edts 041, rev.-b [ warranty period: 30 months after the date of delivery ]
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value Rs. 161.70 Million / 16.17 Crore
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 70986313
Closing Date 17 - May - 2024  |  24 Days to go View Tender Details
Transportation, erection, testing and commissioning of 30/42 MVA and 40/56 110KV/27KV Transformers along with Design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of 110KV and 25KV Circuit Breakers and associated equipment's in existing 110KV/25 KV. AC Traction sub-station in Mumbai division of Central Railway.
Sector Insurance Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 71427084
Closing Date 17 - May - 2024  |  24 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of stationary. #*. Supply of table stationary. #*. Supply of cartage, printer heads, ribbon. #*. Repairing and maintenance of EPABX, intercom system, telephone system. #*. Supply of office furniture. #*. Supply, Repairing and maintenance of UPS. #*. Supply, maintenance of battery. #*. Supply, maintenance of cctv, fire alarm. #*. Provide of courier service. #*. Provide of cleaning and housekeeping work. #*. Cleaning work of water tank. #*. Maintenance work of computer. #*. Supply, maintenance of electrical equipment. #*. Provide of Advertisement service. #Marathi image
Sector Insurance Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 71427153
Closing Date 17 - May - 2024  |  24 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Office Printed Stationery & Computer Continuous Stationery. #*. Supply of Table Stationery. #*. Supply of IT Consumables viz. Cartridges, Printer heads, Ribbons etc. #*. Supply & Maintenance of EPABX/Intercom systems, Telephone instruments & allied products. #*. Supply & Maintenance of Currency Counting machines, Fake Currency detecting machines. #*. Supply of office furniture items. #*. Repairs & Maintenance of Furniture items. #*. Supply & Maintenance of Photocopier Machine. #*. Supply of DG set/Inverter rental basis. #*. Supply & Maintenance of UPS. #*. Supply & Maintenance of Batteries. #*. Maintenance of 615 KV transformer. #*. Supply & Maintenance of AC Machines. #*. Supply & Maintenance of Water Coolers & Water Purifiers. #*. Supply & Maintenance of CCTV System. #*. Pest Control Services. #*. Supply & Maintenance of Fire Alarms System. #*. Supply & Maintenance of Fire Fighting Extinguishers & other equipments etc. #*. Supply & Maintenance of curtains, venation blinds. #*. Courier Service. #*. Transport Service. #*. Canteen Service. #*. Housekeeping Services. #*. Water Tank cleaning services. #*. Computers & other electronic equipment cleaning services. #*. Electrical contractor for Supply & Maintenance for Electrical equipments (Fan, Tube, Lights, Cables etc.). #*. All types of Scrap dealers, Waste Paper dealer. #*. Advertising firms.
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 71416715
Closing Date 15 - May - 2024  |  22 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Sodium Silicae Compound for Attending Online Coal Pipe Lekages in Coal Mill and Boiler Area #*. Annual Work Contract for Day to Day Work for Upkeeping the Network of Water Supply and Attending Daily Defects and Allied Works #*. Work Contract for Cleaning/ Ash Removing From Etp-1, Etp-ii, Awr Sump, Sludge Pit, Phase-ii, Hp Raw Water Tank & Booster Pump Drain Pit Along with Transportation to Ash Bund Area #*. Making Trenches By Deploying Poclain Machine as and When Required at Ash Bund #*. Annual Work Contract to Carry Out Welding and Gas Cutting Work #*. Annual Work Contract for Provision of Auto Reckshaw for Electrical Maintenance Odp Area #*. Annual Work Contract for Providing Assistance for Attending Day to Day Defects in Colony Quarters Electrical Maintenance Works in Colony Area #*. Work Contract for Removal Chocke Up of Rcf, Inlet Pipe & Bunker Neck of Unit-4 #*. Refurbishment/ Revamping/ Retrofitting and Modification of Old 800 Amp Acb Used for Unit-5 Emergency Board with New Acb Along with Accessories #*. Bi-yearly Work Contract for Providing Services of First Aid Attendants and Unskilled Labour #*. Bi-yearly Wotk Contract for Day to Day Maintenance/ Cleaning of Batteries #*. Overhauling of the Engines Kt-115c Powered on Bd 155 Bulldozers #*. Work Contract for Servicing of Various Power Cylinders Like Clinker Grinder Feed Gate, Hot Air Gate, Burner Tilt & Esp of Unit #*. Work Contract for Providing Assistance to the Techincians During Unit #*. Procurement of Cast Steel Gate Valves #*. Awc of Maintenance of Burner Tilt Mechanism #*. Work of Compete Retrofitting and Upgradation of Existing Manually Operated Material Handling System #*. Annual Work Contract for Epabx System #*. Annual Work Contract for Cleaning of Lt Boards and Transformers #*. Work Contract for Repairing and Strengthening of Various Machine Foundations.
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